Agency Frequently Asked Questions

What Services does Center for Physical Therapy Services offer?

The Center for Physical Therapy Services provides skilled Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Medical Social Workers for clients in their homes.  We are able to provide our services directly to the consumer or via our contracted Home Health Agencies (Skilled and Non-Skilled) and our contracted Hospice Agencies.

What Service Area does Center for Physical Therapy Services cover?

The Center for Physical Therapy Services provides skilled Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Medical Social Workers in the Los Angeles County area.  Our target market would be the Valley Area of Los Angeles which includes the following cities:  Arleta, Burbank, Canoga Park, Chatsworth, Glendale, Granada Hills, North Hills, North Hollywood, Northridge, Pacoima, Panorama City, Porter Ranch, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Sun Valley, Simi Valley (Ventura County) Sylmar, Valley Village, Van Nuys, & West Hills.

We do cover the East (includes San Gabriel Valley) & South Los Angeles (includes areas of the South Bay) areas.  Please call us regarding this and any staffing question.

Our Social Workers cover the entire Los Angeles County!  We have an ample number of competent social workers that can help you with your staffing needs.

What are the Rates?

Our rates are competitive at the current market demand.  Please call us for our rates.  Also, please call us to discuss managed care, workers compensation and other hybrid payer rates.  We will work with you!

Can you show us some sample documentation for PT/OT/ST services?

Sample Documentation

Do you provide CHHA In-Services or Training?  

Yes.  If your agency would like a CHHA In-Service by one of our professional staff members, we can coordinate with you.  We ask that you give us ample time to prepare, (usually a 30-day window).  We understand that your agency needs to provide at least one hour of CHHA education per month and we can be an excellent resource for you!  We charge a per visit rate for this service.  Please call us for details.

Do you provide training for our contracted therapists?

No.  Unfortunately, we only provide training to our therapists and our social workers.  

Will you be able to render a Supervisor Visit with one of our CHHAs?

Yes.  Please let us know ahead of time and we will schedule the appropriate therapist to go out with one of your CHHAs.

During our accreditation process, will you be able to send out a therapist to visit a patient with a surveyor?

Yes.  Please give us a much time as possible to notify our staff member.

Are you available to help us with our quarterly QA?

Yes.  We actually specialize in looking through therapy notes.  We can help you decipher what actually are those therapists writing and does what the therapists write comply with the 485 plan of care and the agency policies.  We charge an hourly rate for this service.  Please call us for details.

Where and or how can I submit a referral to you?

We ask that you call us first to ensure that we can provide the requested service(s).  If we can, you have a variety of options to submit your referral to us.  One of the easiest ways is to submit a referral through our web based software system.  This eliminates any doubt that we have received the referral(s).  The second way is to fax us the referral.  You can use our main number, since our main number functions as BOTH a voice line and a FAX line!  That number would be:  (626) 683-9959.  The next way would be to use our fax number:  (626) 683-9969.  And finally, you can email us your referral.  Our email is:

Regardless of the way you choose to submit your referral to us, please make sure that you get a verbal receipt from us.  We ask that you make us accountable.

Do you comply with the 48 hour therapy evaluation time frame?

We do comply with the stipulated 48 hour therapy evaluation time frame.  In the event that our therapist is unable to see your patient within this 48 hour time frame, we will write an MD Order to explain the lapse.  If you happen not to see an MD Order explaining the lapse, please let us know so that we can talk with our therapist(s) and ask them to create the required documentation.

Can your staff be a part of our Professional Advisory Committee (PAC)?

Yes.  Please let us know ahead of time so that we can ask our available staff members.  (Based on availability).  We charge an hourly rate for this service.

How do we get your clinical notes?

You will have 24/7 access to your client documentation via our TherapyBoss portal.  Your notes will be PDF formatted and the patient signatures will be electronically collected at the Point of Service (POS).  In few occasions, you may get a signed paper route sheet, but again this will be rare. You will be able to print your notes and or save your notes electronically.  

If you would like to see samples of our documentation, go to the HR tab and scroll down to the various documentation samples.

If you have problems with the TherapyBoss portal, we ask that you contact the TherapyBoss support team at:  (847) 581-6400, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, central time.

How do we get the credentials for the professional staff members that see our patient?

You will have 24/7 access to our credentials via our TherapyBoss portal.

If a staff member has not seen a patient for you, you will not access to their credentials.  If a staff member has not seen a patient for you for the past 3 months, you may not have access to their credentials.  If you have not referred a patient to our company within the past 3 months, you may not have access to our staff credentials.

We do keep a copy of all expired credentials.  Please make sure to ask, if you need these expired credentials.

We ask that at no time, the agency contact our therapists or social workers directly to access credentials. 

If you have problems with the TherapyBoss portal, we ask that you contact the TherapyBoss support team at:  (847) 581-6400, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, central time.

PT/OT/ST/MSW Frequently Asked Questions

What Services does Center for Physical Therapy Services offer?

We pay a flat rate for each discipline.  Rates:  Please Cal Our Office.

How do I get clients and what areas will my clients be located in? 

The clients that we refer to you should be based on the area of coverage which you are willing to cover.  You can give us a set of zip codes with cities or we base it on your home and or work zip code.  You are never obligated to take any of our patients; the decision to take on a client is solely up to you.  We suggest that you keep all of your clients in a close proximity to your home and or work.

Do you have enough work to keep me busy? How many clients do you have? 

The answer to this is that it will definitely vary depending on our patient flow as well as our social workers availability.

What kind of paperwork do I need? 

We are completely electronic.  We use a web based documentation system that is extremely user friendly and all of your documentation adheres to the therapy Plan of Care.

Do you provide training? 

Yes.  We will provide an orientation in person or via team viewer, which will last between 1-2 hours, depending on your questions.  This orientation will provide you with all of the home health rules and what things to avoid.

When do we get paid? 

We pay you based on your submission of an invoice.  We can provide you with a generic invoice, just let us know.  We pay on a 30-day cycle, after receiving your invoice.

When are notes due? 

We do request that all paperwork be done electronically within a one-week time frame so that we can submit all our billing in a timely manner.  If your paperwork is submitted late, in extreme cases, we may not be able to bill for said services, due to the agency’s inability to bill the insurance company themselves.  The sooner that you submit notes to us, the better for all involved.

Are there any out of pocket costs? 

The only foreseeable out of pocket cost will be that you obtain malpractice insurance through an agency such as HPSO.  The average cost will is minimal. You can log onto for a free quote.  We have a link to HPSO and some sample rates on our website in the HR Tab.

For MSWs, do I need to have a degree in Social Work? 

 If you have a degree in a Social Science such as Sociology or Psychology AND have at least one year of verifiable experience working as a Social Worker, then yes you can work with us without a formal Social Work degree.  And yes, we do work with MSWs and LCSWs.

How do I get started? 

Call our office and ask for an HR packet to be emailed to you.  There will be a human resource checklist.  The majority is electronically filled in and signed via Adobe Echosign.  You will also be given a list of credentials that we will need such as a copy of your Driver’s License, An Annual Physical Exam (within the past 6 months), TB Results (within the past 6 months), and so forth.

For MSWs, how do I get a hold of various Community Resources? 

We are hurriedly updating our website with Community Resources for our Social Workers.  If you are looking for something in particular that needs to be posted onto the website, please let us know.

Where can I find the Scope of Practice for my profession?

Physical Therapy    

Occupational Therapy    

Speech Therapy

Social Workers

What does the CAHPS program do and how do I as a therapist fit into this program in home health care?

The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) program is a multi-year initiative of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to support and promote the assessment of consumers' experiences with health care. The goals of the CAHPS program are twofold:

  • Develop standardized patient questionnaires that can be used to compare results across sponsors and over time.
  • Generate tools and resources that sponsors can use to produce understandable and usable comparative information for both consumers and health care providers.

You as a home health care therapist and or social worker may be evaluated on your work performance and what you did or did not do for the home health client.  It is imperative that you understand that the consumer, our clients, has a voice and it can be made heard through a CAHPS survey.  In home health care, these surveys are done either via a telephone call or a mailed survey.  The surveys are done based on the agencies' census and the clients are chosen at random.  Below you will find the CAHPS website and the home health survey questions that they ask our clients.  It would be a good idea for you to have a working understanding of what they are asking our clients so that you are well equipped with meeting the government's expectations in the home health service delivery.



Patient Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for Home Care?  

If you have difficulty getting to a doctor’s office, then in home healthcare visits are likely covered in the same manner as a regular visit to an office based physician.  If you would like a list of agencies that we recommend, please call our office at (626) 683-9959.

What Insurance do you accept?  

We accept Medicare, Part A (via a Home Health Agency) and Part B (via us directly or via a Home Health Agency) Private pay options are also available.

How much does a Home Visit from the Center for Physical Therapy Services cost?

We accept Medicare for house calls. Deductibles or co-payments required for medical services are handled in the same way as a trip to a physician’s office.

Will you take Medi-Cal?

We do accept home health care patients with Medi-Cal coverage.

Do you take Private Patients?

Yes. We require payment at the time of service, payable by cash, check or money order at time of the house call.

How quickly can a Therapist or a Social Worker come to visit me?

Therapy and or Social Worker visits can typically be scheduled within 24-48 hours (during the week) of receiving your call. However, there are some exceptions so please call us for exact schedule times.

Is a Home Visit available on the weekends?  Holidays?

Ordinarily the professional staff makes visits Monday thru Friday, however, we do make weekend and holiday house calls.  Please call ahead of time to make a reservation.

How often do the Therapists and or the Social Workers come out to visit?

Your health care needs will determine the house call frequency. If you are sick and experiencing issues, your therapist will see you more often. Your therapist and or your social worker will create a plan with you for your overall management of health.

What if I need an Urgent House Call?

Our mobile healthcare services prevent many urgent needs by seeing patients on an appropriate follow-up basis. When needed, we can usually get to your home for urgent needs with 24-48 hours.  If your specific situation requires immediate medical attention, please call 9-1-1.

What mobile health care services do you offer?

Our primary focus is that of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Social Work Services, but we do have access to an variety of essential mobile services to include:  laboratory services, diagnostic testing, podiatry services and mobile x-ray.

What are the Center for Physical Therapy Services, Inc. working hours?

The Center for Physical Therapy Service, Inc. generally make house calls between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Will I see the same clinician every time?

We make every effort to send the same clinician to visit you for each house call.

Can I keep my regular doctor?

The  Center for Physical Therapy Service, Inc. will advise your regular doctor during your course of treatment and consult with any specialty providers you have as deemed necessary.  In the event that your regular doctor does not comply with our required paperwork, such as signing a required prescription, signing/filling out  a face to face encounter form, signing various communication orders, we will need to cease ALL services.  Other arrangements can be made on a case by case basis.

Can the Center for Physical Therapy Service, Inc. recommend a Primary Care Physician?  Specialists?

Yes.  We have developed a list of providers that we have deemed excellent clinicians.  If you have Medicare as your primary insurance coverage, we can help you.

Can the Center for Physical Therapy Service, Inc. recommend a Mobile Physician (that can see me in the home)? 

Yes.  We have at made alliances with two Medical Groups that render house calls.  Please contact us for details.

Do you come out for Emergency Visits?

Feel free to contact the Center for Physical Therapy Services, Inc. at any time; we will schedule a visit within 24 to 48 hours. However, if it is a life threatening emergency, please call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room.

What languages do your Professional Staff members speak?

Our professional staff members speak a variety of languages to include:  English, Spanish, Tagolog, Vietnamese, Chinese, Armenian, Russian and more.

Do you provide Caregiver training/education services?

Yes, we do provide one on one Caregiver training/education services.  We charge by the hour and we tailor a plan with you or your family member or your conservator prior to the actual visit.  Please call us for the hourly cost?

Do you provide private pay Care-giving services or Shift-care care-giving services?

Yes, we do.  Please call us for more information.

Is there any obligation?

No.  You are not obligated or required to use our services.  We simply make the medical care continuum more accessible to you by providing mobile providers that come to the comfort of your home.​

How do I sign up?

It is simple.  Call us for a free phone conference and a free eligibility.  We will guide you through what we believe you may benefit from based on your individual needs. 

Center for Physical Therapy Services, Inc.


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